Sous Chef - Provisioning Assistant

Change log


  • LibSort update


  • Patch fixes by CrazyDutchGuy


  • Increment API version


  • Added in who marked the recipe in the tooltip for the shopping list, and faded the checkmark if it's an alt (like the recipe knowledge checkmarks)
  • Added a toggle for the sorting of the provisioning table for you weird ones (requires /reloadui)


  • Fix for non-Provisioning table bug


  • Added finer granularity to the Alt Knowledge options. Check the settings
  • Added the name of the character who put a recipe on the Shopping List into the tooltip


  • Fix for soulstone mouseover


  • Provisioning Table now sorts by as much information we're able to cater for
  • Coloured the rows according to recipe quality


  • Added in blue+ quality recipe only filter to the Provisioning Table


  • Bugfix for recipe count


  • Added in 'Number of stuff you can make with what you've got' to the links in the Ingredient Tooltip
  • Profiled data in the SV by language for the multi language users to prevent recipe bleedover


  • Fixed gold slots showing ranks from previous lootings


  • Option to show type of special ingredients by recipe category, eg "Grilled" or "Wine"


  • Now has loot window functionality
  • Fixed glitch with GridView swapping


  • Fixed soulgem charging mouseover
  • Removed debug msg


  • Made the tooltips mouseover rather than click (actually toggleable)
  • Added in Shopping List functionality. Mark the recipes you want tracked, and SC will highlight the ingredients (colour settable), she will also asterisk the recipe that's marked in the ingredient "used in" tooltip
  • Added functionality to only focus on Shopping List

v1.8.6 -

  • Wrapped the hooks so that if they fail, they don't break
  • Attempt at refreshing the view on recipe learnt

v1.8.5 -

  • Fix for texture issue in Guild Store

v1.8.3 and 1.8.4-

  • Fixed GS bug

v1.8.2 -

  • removed all in one line for "also in recipes"
  • Added cookbook refresh on toggle of S/F
  • Fixed missing ignore recipe check in Guild Store

v1.8.1 -

  • Added toggle for S/F icons

v1.8 -

  • Added in recipe ignore list

v1.7.1 -

  • removed debug for partial Favourite code

v1.7 -

  • Stepped back from non-English client fixes. See Description
  • Added Spices and Flavourings for notification

v1.6.7 -

  • Fix for guild shop. Misnamed setting variable name

v1.6.6 -

  • Made the tooltip details concat to a single line.
  • Added in experimental non-English Client recipe matching. If you find a recipe and result that don't match, please log a bug with the details of both, so I can add the differences to the dictionary.
  • Bugfixes to return faded checkmarks

v1.6.5 -

  • Attempt to circumvent language issues (ie, French prepends the word for recipe) by matching within a character length and at the start or end.

v1.6.4 -

  • fixed recipe matching in Guild Shop, Added recipe known by tooltip in Guild Shop, Adjusted how ingredients get ranked by max rank instead of last checked rank

v1.6.3 -

  • Fixed Tier 3 image for the bold setting, image was incorrectly sized and not showing. Capitalised the recipes. Will require an SV purge, so your settings will be reset

v1.6.2 -

  • Adjustment to storage method to allow for Zenimax's gendering of names in non-English languages

v1.6.1 -

  • Localisation fix for learnt recipes

v1.6 -

  • Added in 'who knows this recipe' to recipe tooltip

v1.5 -

  • Added option for a more visible numbering

v1.4 -

  • Now marks recipes in the guild store

v1.3 -

  • Now spreads the information to your alts

v1.2.3 -

  • Removed debug message. Prevented infinite recipe tooltips

v1.2.2 -

  • Tooltips back in. Have to click the ingredient to see the recipe list

v1.2.1 -

  • Rolled back on tooltip. Need to find better way.

v1.2 -

  • Added in recipe results in tooltip. Reworked base engine to not use OnUpdate

v1.1.1 -

  • Texture fix for Tier 3 ingredients

v1.1 -

  • Added in Alternate Character Knowledge tick

v1.0.1 -

  • Added toggle for recipes seen and colour picker.

v1.0.3 -

  • Fixed library reference, and outer folder

v1.0.4 -

  • Fixed recipe parse error and checkmark placement


Uploaded on
Jul 02, 2014
Game version
  • 1.2.3
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